be aware that ecuserver server will not be available anymore after 1 february 2020, and that valid subscription will be switched to a new platform, also the unlimited subscription will be terminated.
Answers on the FAQ has not been suffisent, please send us a request we will try to help you.
  • How tokens works and what are their costs?

    - Some need extra service payments, this will be paid by tokkens eg: vin to pin, chiptuning, fap, dpf, some airbag.

    Tokken 1 = 1 Euro

  • I have a reference which is not in the list, how can i do?

    - In that case you can contact us by skype or email to support you, and we try our best to give back answer to your request, every time we support a customer and solution works we will add it in the list to be operationel in futur for other uses.

  • Is it possible to cancel a request of pin code from vin ?

    - Yes, it's possible to cancel a request of pin code from vin any time but only before getting the pin code.

  • How much time must i wait to get back my file repaired?

    - Our service for airbag and immo doesn't need thirdy part for repairing files, this website is as software which repair dumps, this mean the repair is in the same time of giving file.

    - For chiptuning and vin to pin, this will take some times because supplier will supply the pin code or the tuned file.